Village Compounding Pharmacy is proud to have worked with top institutions, world-class athletes and brilliant minds in the medical community…however our strongest testament to our success is rooted in our everyday customer.  We strive for customer satisfaction and our business success depends on positive experiences. We value honest feedback from our customers and love to post a variety of testimonials, in the form of video, quote or hand-written letter.  Check out some of our favorite testimonials below:

“My life has become 100% more manageable and even. My attitude in life has really improved.” – Kimberly Guinn, Village Compounding Pharmacy customer

More Customer Testimonials

I can’t say enough good things about Village Pharmacy.  They’ve been around for more than 35 years and I know that’s a result of customer satisfaction.

Marvin P., Houston

They treat me like one of the family…I couldn’t ask for a better neighborhood pharmacy.

Susan G., Katy

They take care of me in every aspect… The customization ability for my specific needs is amazing. I highly recommend anyone with individual needs try this place out!

Joseph B., Houston

    A company cannot achieve customer loyalty without having customer satisfaction.

The friendly staff at Village Compounding Pharmacy realizes that customer satisfaction is earned when trust and value is established. This is the result of hard work, commitment to the craft, and relentless pursuit of excellence.